Friday, August 10, 2012

I supposed it would be good to talk about what projects I'm doing.
Uiyah's Paw was the first story that I set out with the thought of actually publishing it. It has gone through so many revisions along the way, and about a dozen major re-writes. When I started it one of the main characters talked with such a bad grammar/accent/uneducated manner that it was near impossible for other people to read. Through five re-writes aimed specifically at moderating the speech mannerisms it has become much better. This current editing is aimed at further refinement of the speech, and restructuring the religious aspects. The main church is now a lot more believable as well as diabolical, though the extent of that aspect will not come out until another book.
Stones of Magic was created to fill out the story after Uiyah's Paw. A couple of characters we met briefly in the first book are now returned in a leading role. The first real hints of trouble start appearing. So far this book is just completing the first section, and the real action is just beginning. I am writing chapters in this in order to keep a straight story line with Uiyah's paw.
Ion 417: Katana is basically complete, though I don't like the final scenes. I am working to edit them for a better presentation. At least I have the new cover work for this book. My artist is working to make new covers for the first two books in the new style.
I discovered that Shimmerwing was published with an old file, and the right file was destroyed. I am spending some time recreating the lost chapters. In addition it will be re-released with an extra story that I wrote as a submission to a fantasy fiction contest. I discovered a short story contest that had been running for about five months, and I found it only four days before the deadline for submission. I surprised myself by pumping out about 8500 words in two days, sent it to a friend for an emergency edit, and managed to submit it with 7998 of the 8000 word maximum. I even had a day to spare. Now I'm nervously biting nails while awaiting the judging of the 1800 stories that were reportedly submitted.
Right now it's August, and that means Camp Nanowrimo is underway. I'm madly trying to cram fifty thousand words into a story format before the 31st. I just deleted a few thousand words from that project because they didn't work.
I have a good dozen other stories that are sitting as ideas in a file.

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