Ion 417: Raiju
Ion 417: Book 1

Her life was a lie! She had no name, save for the one she gave herself, and her life was totally controlled by one person. To him she was nothing more than project 417, though she called herself Ion. Now she has discovered just what he has planned for her.
Using the abilities Teyrn Elon had engineered into her genetics, she escapes his plan to sell her to the highest bidder. Now she is on the run in a stolen ship with only one possible safe haven. Her hope is to seek out her mother's people. The only problem is that the world she dreamed of finding isn't the way she pictured it to be.
Instead of sanctuary, she finds the need to become their hero. Her life has gone from being a lab rat, to fighting for a people that refuse to accept her as one of them. Her abilities earn her the name of Raiju, a mythical beast of lightning; they also ensure that she will never have a boring existence.

Ion 417: Book 2

There is a storm sweeping through Sendai that has nothing to do with the sunny weather. Friends that Ion thought she could rely on, run away in fear when they see her power. She has travelled halfway across the galaxy to find her family, and now finds herself abandoned by them.
Emotions that she has never known before begin to surface as two adversaries seek to renew the conflict, and a third has put a price on her head that takes its toll on her few remaining friends.
Will she lose her last refuge when her skills prove worthless? Will she even live to find out? In the midst of a maelstrom, Ion finds new hope in the eyes of a young girl. Just when it seems that storm has ebbed, her oldest friend is taken from her.
Raiu is a thunderstorm engulfing friends and foes alike. If things weren't complicated enough before, now there are boys too.

Ion 417: Book 3
Ion finds herself called away from training she desperately needs in order to rescue a friend. Traxell was kidnapped because they couldn't get to her.
The Tanabata festival was to be her first chance to experience a Human celebration; now she must not only give that up, but risk losing another friend by revealing her secret. Can her hearts survive another loss?
Outfitted with a whole new look and style Ion takes on the challenge of retrieving her pilot friend from the clutches of the CIA. The breadth of the Pacific Ocean is no obstacle for someone who has already travelled hundreds of light years just to be here.
Governmental red tape is no match to the sharp blade of a katana. Ion cuts her way through diplomatic channels while doing her best to avoid hurting those who protect lives. Now she must cut through a security force that is just doing its job.

A Dragon Rite Book
Myzithra watched as another round of Dragon hunting was about to commence.
Just as he was about to do his part in this never ending dance he noticed a difference. On the spur of the moment he set about making plans to take advantage of this difference, and alter the destiny of his people.
The big problem came with the fact that the Humans were making their own plans for this event. Everyone had a plan that relied on the other doing exactly what had been done for thousands of years, but nobody was following that script this time.
There is no way to predict just how much the world will change when those plans clash.

Rhine Book 1
Stephan had stood next to his father as the button was pushed that launched the first ship to use a stargate. They had killed his father, and stolen that technology to build their empire; an empire with a strangle hold on the entire Human race.
Now Stephan was stealing it back in a grand way. The biggest problem was how to get away with it. The solution he devised would shake the balance of power in the known galaxy.
One by one he assembled a crew that only knew of their tiny part of the job, without even knowing what the job was. When the final button is pushed it will either spell doom for the hundreds of people involved, or topple an empire spanning several worlds.

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