Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Before I ever went off to my first day of school I was reading. I loved it.
I did my fair share of running all over the neighborhood with a host of friends whose faces changed with constant moves. What never changed was the thrill of new worlds filled with sights that challenged my imagination. There were concepts that I had never even thought to dream. The greatest tool we have as thinking beings is the ability to think. Why not sharpen and customize that tool? There really is no limit on what it can do. There is not one single invention in the entire world that wasn't spurred into existence by somebodies imagination.
For me, reading took on countless journeys to worlds that felt completely alive. I've hung in the vastness of space as a glistening orb slowly rotated beneath my feet. I've stood upon the deck of a ship as the bow spray coated my face. I've delved into caves reaching deep underground, and watched my lantern tumble down into the abysmal pit at my feet. I've clung to the side of a mountain as the wind did its utmost to pry my fingers loose from the crumbling rock. I've even dove through the clouds perched atop a green Dragon as we wheeled in the sheer delight of freedom.
And now I am bringing some of my own worlds forth to spread this feeling to others.

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